Einstein-Faraday's Elevator

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EFElevatorLet us consider a S closed surface at rest in an inertial reference frame and located in a place where g = 0.

In S interior there are a negative q charge —initially at rest— free in the space. The q charge is such that admits, in its interior, a l'' observer, as in a Faraday's cage (or in an Einstein-Faraday's elevator).

Another l' observer, located outwardly to Faraday's cage, accompanies the q charge in its possible movements (he is fixed to the q charge). Fixed to the S surface there are still a third l observer. Outwardly at S surface, there are a Q charge at rest in the same reference system of S. In case of doubt the illustration at side can be useful.

Let us admit that q charge has a much smaller intensity —as well as mass— than Q, to the point we could despite inductive effects in Q —as well as Q movements— when esteemed by l, that is, in the inertial reference system.

For l, q moves in Q direction with accelerated movement. Although doesn't see Q, he measures the electric field, due to Q, getting this way to discover the cause of the movement (electric attraction).

l' notices to be being accelerated in relation to S and arrives at conclusions that are in agreement with l. He notices more: the radiation emission by Q (I'm assuming to be correct Paul Andersen explanation presented in sci.physics.relativity as answer to my question Einstein Equivalence Principle is wrong? of january/07/98.

l' doesn't get to visualize S. He notices to be being accelerated. What to say on the electromagnetic fields? Does l'' get, in some way, capture information of electromagnetic nature, at the point of to notice that he is in an area of the space endowed with electromagnetic fields?

If yes, Einstein Equivalence Principle seems to be incomplete, and it should also take into account electromagnetic fields. If not, I believe to be possible to say that Einstein Equivalence Principle unifies electromagnetic and gravitational fields.

Could anybody help me and/or to increase something in this imaginary experiment?

Notice that if the presented idea were endowed with internal coherence it can also be considered as endowed with high didactic-pedagogic value. Or not?

This question did not receive any answer in the occasion in which it was presented.

See as well "Einstein Equivalence Principle is wrong?".

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